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About Me: Hi I'm Kaeli/ Flower Shmeow I'm 23, I have an amazingly loving/brilliant boyfriend named Matt <3 I love anything and everything Kawaii, I love Anime, stickers, glitter, pastel colors, cute things,I am OBSESSED with hair coloring, dying my hair frequently , and viewing other people's hair creations :D I love spelling things improperly to make them look coot<3 I love blogging about my life/having somewhere to vent, though I also LOVE following Kawaii/lolita blogs, and reposting cute things that make me sqeek! I love speaking poor French to French people, watching Adventure time, drawing, painting, making jewlery with resin/polymer clay, singing, dancing, watching SkinsUK, I love European fashion, the idea of going to Europe, I love nature and animals, I am as cruelty free as I can be, I'm mostly vegan though I dabble with vegetarianism, and raw foods <3 Ohhh yeah btw I also love when people Follow me and ask me questions on Tumblr <3

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